Roman Reigns reiterates that he wants to face The Rock

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Roman Reigns reiterates that he wants to face The Rock

Roman Reigns is currently Undisputed WWE Universal Champion (as he simultaneously holds the maximum titles of both SmackDown and Raw) and is without a doubt the absolute star of the company right now. Given that even at Wrestlemania Backlash won't be giving away either belt, fans keep wondering (as they've been doing for a long time now) when and if the Tribal Chief will challenge his cousin The Rock for the title (or titles) at WrestleMania.

Well, he himself may have given a clue to that effect. Many believe that a match between The Rock and Roman Reigns, in addition to being an authentic Dream Match, would be considered one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

Despite all the hype, though, the challenge is unlikely to take place anytime soon, assuming it eventually does. Yet, during the Live Event, WWE held over the weekend at London's O2 Arena, Roman Reigns dramatically increased the speculation that the clash at one point.

will arrive. And he did it in an apparently casual and not predetermined way.

Roman Reigns wants to face The Rock

After the evening ended, Roman Reigns thanked the fans for attending the show. At one point, a fan asked: "What about The Rock?" The Tribal Chief simply responded by saying, "The Rock can get it too".

A phrase whose translation could be "Even The Rock can come and challenge me for the title". Roman Reigns then gave a speech to the fans, a little out of character, where he expressed the desire to see everyone return home safe and sound.

That mention of Dwayne Johnson was noteworthy, because "The Rock can get it too" (as several insiders, including 'Ringside News', remarked) sounds a lot like a more recent version of the licensed "Just bring it "by Rocky himself.

WWE has already launched several suggestions for a match between Roman Reigns and The Rock. Precisely for this reason, there are several rumors suggesting that the big challenge is ready to be organized in time for WrestleMania 39.

It remains to be seen when the company will present the feud between the two to fans. Abandoning these digs that, in any case, are enough and advance to whet the imagination of the fans. "This is somewhat of a slap in the face of Nakamura.

Perhaps WWE does not feel that Shinsuke will draw the fan's interest like Drew has proven he can do time and time again," expressed Apter. While the match against Nakamura may still happen down the line, it is more likely that Drew Mcintyre will step up to the plate first.

Having concluded his feud with Sami Zayn, it does seem like all the stars are aligning for a McIntyre vs. Reigns match.

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