Booker T: "Nothing against New Japan Pro Wrestling, but .."

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Booker T: "Nothing against New Japan Pro Wrestling, but .."

Booker T discussed the Forbidden Door event, which will involve AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Booker T revealed his opinion on Japanese wrestling. “What I am saying is, nothing against New Japan Pro Wrestling or anything like that,” he said for the Hall Of Fame podcast, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“I do not think the majority of people here in the United States are clicking to go find Japanese wrestling. I just don’t believe that”. Booker T believes this is not Forbidden Door. “They’re going to love it, I get that.

The AEW fanbase, they’re going to love it,” Booker said. “But what I am saying is, outside of the AEW fanbase, there aren’t a whole lot of people are going to look at this like it’s a forbidden door because don’t too many people know about it but the AEW fanbase.

This is a cross-promotion, it’s not a forbidden door is what I am saying. It’s nothing forbidden about Japanese wrestlers coming over and wrestling AEW wrestlers, there’s nothing forbidden about that”.

Will Ospreay

He’s also happy for Will Ospreay and thinks he’s a great wrestler. “Man, Will Ospreay is a talent, he’s moving, he’s quick, he can do anything,” Booker said. “He can fly, he can mat wrestle, he can do just about anything.

So, whoever you put him with, they better have some stamina, their legs better are ready to go. They’ve got a plethora of guys in AEW that can go out there and have those types of matches. I don’t know if Kenny Omega is going to be back for this show, of course, he and Kenny Omega I am sure have got a lot of history together.

“They would definitely be able to go out and give the crowd that match, that we don’t see here in the States on a regular basis. Of course, Danielson would be a guy that he could go out there and go with. Of course, the market guy is going to be CM Punk to put him out there with him.

If you want to just have those two marquee names. Which, a lot of times, the names may be more important than the match. Sometimes, as far as giving me that main event”.