Ember Moon discusses the Women's division

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by Simone Brugnoli
Ember Moon discusses the Women's division

Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to protect your workers and in this case the wrestlers, but sometimes it is also necessary to let them do what they do best to entertain us. In the Insight interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ember Moon talked about the fact that maybe for women things are a little too "safe" in the ring.

"There were times when they were like: 'Girls don't fall' I had to fight hard to make the Eclipse from the ladder. I tried to do it the first year at Money in the Bank and they told me: 'It's too dangerous, you'll hurt yourself.'

And I: 'I've done this seven times in the indies with fewer security measures! I'm good.' The next year, there were some things that happened, and they were like: 'Girls don't fall down and get hurt. ' 'Who are you talking to? I've done dumber things...

' WWE is so careful, they don't want us to get hurt. In a way, they have to remember that some of us did stupid things that hurt us and we learned from that and those things made us more confident. For the Eclipse sophomore year, the doors were about to open and Vince said, 'He can't do that unless I see it first.'

Nattie [Natalya] had like one false eyelash only and ran away from makeup to do it. We do it once and he says: 'Okay, they're fine.' "

Ember Moon is a former WWE star

Ember Moon continued the interview by saying, "Sometimes, it's too much confidence, He cares about our best interests, but when it comes to men, they never do.

Doing crazy commercials and jumping places, it's not something women can do very often, or infrequently. For me to be able to jump off the ladder and do the Eclipse, it made me say like, 'Are they going to ban me? Kevin (Owens) jumped off the tron ​​two weeks ago, but I don't can I jump off a ladder in a Ladder Match?" Athena then explained that men usually don't rehearse certain things, but for women, Vince has to see everything first, while at NXT Triple H he left much more space for athletes to do these things.

Also, he was chasing the women with all the coaches, while when he left for his heart problems, they told them: “'Sir, you have three minutes, your time is about to be cut, so do it as fast as you can. possible. 'Sometimes, just laugh." Ember Moon revealed that it was her friend James who created the move.

During her time on the independent scene, Ember Moon noticed how everyone considered women's matches a restroom break and she wanted to make people stay in their seats.

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