Raw: Nikki ASH comes up with a new gimmick


Raw: Nikki ASH comes up with a new gimmick

In recent months we have seen several WWE tag teams going to split, with the two athletes who made up this team who went to give them a hell of a lot, one above all, in the rings of Monday Night Raw is definitely the one formed by Nikki ASH and by Rhea Ripley, with the WWE heroine going to vent all her frustration against the former Raw and NXT champion.

Little has been known about Nikki since then, with WWE appearing to have run out of ideas for former main roster tag team champion Alexa Bliss, with her fans having to wait until this Monday, to understand what kind of future they will have to expect for the young European athlete on the main roster of the Stamford-based company.

In the last episode of Raw that took place tonight, Nikki ASH even managed to win the title 24/7, with the girl who surprisingly pinned the current champion of the championship, Dana Brooke, while the latter was busy with his usual backstage crew, made up of R-Truth, Akira Tozawa and Tamina.

Big change for Nikki ASH

After seeing her win the green and gold title of Raw unexpectedly, Nikki ASH was joined in the backstage of the company by another colleague, Doudrop, with the big girl, who had been joined by Eva Marie who approached Nikki and gave her asked if he's finally done playing in front of the WWE TV screens and if he really wants something serious in the federation rings.

Faced with this request, Nikki ASH quickly replied yes, with her gaze that made fans understand how the super heroine gimmick is now over and part of the past, with WWE staging that segment, for to ensure that soon there is a distortion of his gimmick, which is now past and for some time without an outlet on the scene and with Nikki and Doudrop who could soon create a twinning, perhaps to aim for the couple titles of the main roster or for to do anything else, it is not yet known.

Nikki ASH revealed what she would do if she won the Women's Royal Rumble while speaking exclusively to Sportskeeda Wrestling's Kevin Kellam ahead of WWE's premium live event. "I need to get my baby back. I was the RAW Women's Champion in 2021.

I need to get my baby back, whether it be Doudrop or whether it be Becky Lynch. We'll know after Royal Rumble who is holding the RAW Women's Championship. I'm coming to get my baby back. Two-time RAW Women's Champion!" revealed Nikki ASH.

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