Gunther on weight loss and whether WWE had an impact

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Gunther on weight loss and whether WWE had an impact

Gunther surprised his fans by losing weight. He looked like a whole new person and revealed if WWE influenced that decision. “It was completely my own initiative,” Gunther told Sport1 in Germany, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“For me, it was quite clear — if I want to take the next big step, I have to present more for the general public. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of old-school Japanese wrestlers who still had a belly and looked like you’d imagine a butcher.

Emulating such idols worked for me also because up to now, I’ve been there for the, let’s call it, hardcore wrestling audience." Still, he decided to make a decision that he thought was more useful and better for him.

“In the WWE main roster, however, the conditions are different,” Gunther continued. “You are on a global stage, in the mainstream. From my point of view, you have to present yourself differently. And I prepared well for that in the months leading up to my move to the USA.

[…] Honestly, no one can tell me that anyone who happens to turn on the TV wouldn’t think I was better and more believable the way I looked before than I do now”.

Ludwig Kaiser's new name

Gunther is ready for the new challenges that await him, as he is now in the main WWE roster.

There is also his friend Marcel Barthel, who now has a new name, Ludwig Kaiser. He also revealed how the name came about and why. “Marcel has Gustl Kaiser in mind, a legendary and very influential German promoter from the time when his father, Axel Dieter, was still a professional wrestler,” Gunther explained.

“Marcel was given a few names to choose from and he chose that one because it sounds good and it embodies history. That suits us”.