Dexter Lumis is wasting no time

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Dexter Lumis is wasting no time

During the late evening of last Friday, WWE wanted to go and cut several more names from its third brand, namely NXT, with the Tuesday night show that suffered several defections, with as many as 10 names that were released overnight.

tomorrow, as happened several times in the last two years, even going so far as to give up important names like those of Dakota Kai and Dexter Lumis. One of the many released on Friday was also the manager Malcolm Bivens, already seen alongside Indus Sheer, and then instead alongside the Diamond Mine stable, still currently on stage at NXT.

In the last few hours, news has surfaced online that Roderick Strong has also requested his release several times, with the WWE never agreeing to this farewell, unlike the athletes who have fired only a few days ago. Apparently, these wouldn't be the only releases of the moment for NXT anyway, so Roderick could now hope to rejoin the second wave of releases that could come soon.

The latest news on Dexter Lumis

Not even a week after being released, former IMPACT Wrestling athlete and former NXT athlete Dexter Lumis, now back as Samuel Shaw, due to the naming rights that WWE always holds so fervently, has already been announced.

as a presence in a show of an independent American company at the end of June. Obviously, WWE athletes after being released must remain stationary for a period of time, ranging from 30 to 90 days, with the main roster athletes who for 3 months cannot work anywhere and with those of NXT who instead have to wait only a month, or the 30 days that Lumis must wait to get back to fighting.

As you can see from the graphics created by Atomic Wrestling, Samuel Shaw will return to show up in the rings of a wrestling company other than WWE, in the event called 'Born In Blood' in Melbourne, Florida, on June 24th, with fans of the almost mute athlete with psychopathic looks, who will obviously be happy with it.

Dexter Lumis was among the ten names that WWE released on April 29. While many shared their thoughts with words on social media, Lumis took a different approach. The former NXT Superstar sent a tweet out to Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels to show off a painting he recently did of Mr. McMahon. He then did his trademark blank stare and gave the viewers a thumbs up.