Does WWE no longer believe in Mustafa Ali?

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Does WWE no longer believe in Mustafa Ali?

In the episode of Monday Night Raw aired in the night between Monday and last Tuesday (Italian time), WWE wanted to surprise its fans with two great returns very welcome to the WWE Universe, namely that of the former champion of the red show, Asuka and the long-missing lightweight from the company's TV screens, Mustafa Ali.

Asuka had to be absent for a physical problem and then due to other problems of a creative nature, the Japanese had remained in the pits, waiting for the management to find the precise plan for her return, which was eventually identified with a feud against the former champion Becky Lynch, one of the top heels currently in action in the Raw ring, as seen from the first angle on Monday night.

Mustafa Ali, on the other hand, after having requested but not obtained a release from the WWE, returned after months to appear on the screens of the Stamford-based company, having a match against The Miz, on Monday Night Raw, which Ali won with a quick and sudden roll-up.

Already in tonight's episode, however, Ali has already lost his first very fast match against Miz and Theory, with such a dispute that he could mean a lot about the boy's future.

Backstage news on Mustafa Ali

According to what Dave Meltzer analyzed in one of his latest updates coming to the microphones of the Wrestling Observer radio show, it would seem that the reaction from the public towards Mustafa Ali on Raw may not be what the Chairman wanted, with such an indication that it could shortly bring his push into oblivion.

Regarding this situation, Meltzer stated in fact: “As we saw when he was in the ropes, Miz hit him with the Skull Crushing Finale and then pinned him. But I mean, yeah, he was beaten in two and a half minutes. Like I said, but in this day and at this age, when you lose a match in such a short time and it was a two on one, but...

the clues are not with him. Usually, it takes at least two to three weeks. He only in one. The fact that audiences weren't with him at all, if Vince is predisposed to have an idea in mind about him and knows it won't work, then the audience's reaction will tell a lot about it won't really work.

So, that's not a good thing for Ali. If Vince thinks these plans will work in the long run, then he will completely ignore the audience and his reaction to him. You have to finish the story first though and by the end of the story, he'll get over.

A lot of times, you don't have this mindset. The mentality is 'You have three weeks to go over' and when you don't get it, we're there."