Raw was nearly canceled in the mid-1990s

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Raw was nearly canceled in the mid-1990s

One of the most historic WWE shows, is undoubtedly Monday Night Raw, the reference show for fans, which has been going on for over 25 years on American TVs, with the show staged every Monday night and which has never missed a weekly episode since its debut.

The show that we have now begun to know also in Italy for some years also had an episode recorded at the Assago Forum in Milan, in April 2007, where Santino Marella, the WWE Intercontinental champion who had vague Italian origins and that despite the Canadian passport, he spoke our language very well.

Apparently, however, despite the tradition and historical importance of the show, which in the Attitude Era managed to beat Monday Nitro of the WCW competitor of Turner, USA Network, the channel of the NBC Universal group that has been broadcasting Raw for years, was undecided on the future of the red show, almost canceling it definitively at the end of the 90s.

The latest news on Raw

In one of the latest speeches made by Dave Meltzer to the microphones of his radio show, the well-known journalist spoke about this historic decision, which fortunately was never definitively taken, with Meltzer speaking to the Wrestling Observer as follows: "The decision had been made, I think it was '96 or '97, at that time.

If you want to know when check out Wikipedia: Tuesday Night Fights. USA Network had Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night Fight, which was a boxing show. The guy who ran USA and who ran it wasn't a boxing fan and he wasn't even a wrestling fan.

So he had already made the decision to cancel both shows. What happened, however, was that just before the decision became final, Raw increased its ratings, so much, that it could no longer be canceled. The ratings were really too high.

They would never have canceled it if it had kept those ratings so high. Because boxing and wrestling had similar ratings on Mondays and Tuesdays. They had solid ratings, they weren't low-grade shows or anything like that, but they still needed numbers to stay there in place.

But they were still about to be canceled. Then, Raw's ratings began to skyrocket. By then, by the time they realized it, they had already become such a popular show that it couldn't be canceled and ended up canceling Tuesday Night Fight instead, which never returned.

A lot of people thought that losing Tuesday Night Fight would really hurt the boxing world as it was a good place to see boxers and bring them out and all of that, on a big broadcaster, nothing like HBO or anything that. had lower ratings. So yeah, that's what happened."