WWE is the most searched wrestling company on the web

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WWE is the most searched wrestling company on the web
WWE is the most searched wrestling company on the web (Provided by Wrestling World)

The WWE now has a build and history behind it enviable by any pro-wrestling company in the world, with the McMahon family's federation becoming a publicly-traded company, a true trademark of the world of discipline, which brings millions of fans from all over the world to follow the exploits of its Superstars.

In fact, in every corner of the globe, WWE manages to broadcast some of its programs, arriving through the WWE Network or through the various contracts that the company signs with national and international TV, with the name of the federation that has become the most famous in the world.

for decades, which has remained firmly in first place for historical, cultural and television importance. Even this year, despite the huge rise of the AEW of the Khan family, which in many ways gave WWE a lot of trouble, the McMahon-owned company has remained firmly at the top of the list of pro-wrestling companies that have undergone the most research.

online for Superstars, titles, show results and everything that goes with it.

WWE is always on top

Thanks to a ranking reported by the Wrestlenomics site, we can also understand with the numbers how important WWE McMahon is globally compared to all other rival companies, with such numbers that are truly overwhelming.

At the beginning of 2022, in fact, WWE was searched on Google 80.1% more times than other pro-wrestling companies, while the AEW stops at a paltry 12.4%. Following, in third place, another world power is affirmed which is the NJPW, with only 5%, while on the other hand, the other important promotions in the world have not managed to climb even more than 2% total among all, including the ROH and IMPACT Wrestling.

Obviously, these numbers refer to the total searches from January 1st to date, with Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 38 giving WWE a big hand in online searches. Once again, McMahon's WWE confirms itself as the most unstoppable world power in the globe from this point of view, with the work of years and years that obviously repays the entire crew for the sacrifices and the huge amount of money spent for each event of the company.

Speaking on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, the former footballer vented his frustration with the NXT founder’s booking of his character. “I lost a little respect because I didn’t get a call, I didn’t get a text from Triple H,” Sabbatelli said.

“I called him and I reached out to him. I didn’t respect that, man, because I felt like I gave them everything that I had for five, six years, and he told me and numerous people told me that my character had star main-event caliber potential. But how do I never get a shot? Nothing”.