WWE excludes Sheamus from the European tour

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WWE excludes Sheamus from the European tour

The WWE has now left for over a week for its tour in Europe, which as every year (except for the two years of a full pandemic) has touched several important European cities and nations, such as England, Germany, and France, but not our country, which has been missing for some time now.

Like every year, WWE holds several live shows that are not filmed by cameras, to please all the fans of the company a bit, with the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown which was even recorded a week in advance, to allow the entire federation crew to be able to move easily with the various flights, which allowed the athletes and professionals to land in the old continent.

Apparently, however, among the various Superstars staged by the WWE, there is one that seems to have suffered a sudden stop from appearances, literally disappearing in this last part of the tour. We are also talking about an athlete who comes from Europe, i.e., Sheamus, a wrestler of Irish origins, who's said to have skipped numerous stages of the WWE European tour to give space to another European colleague.

The reason for WWE Superstar Sheamus not wrestling in the latter half of the company's European tour has emerged.

Latest update on Sheamus

Apparently, WWE would have decided to give its former WWE Champion some rest, to instead prefer the performance of young Butch, former NXT's Pete Dunne, in the live events staged on the European tour.

As reported by the well-known overseas site PW Insider, in fact: "For those wondering what happened to Sheamus who didn't fight at all on the European tour, in the weekend stages, we were told it was a specific decision made to send Butch to the ring, no heat against Celtic.

Warrior, no injury." On several occasions, in fact, Sheamus has also appeared at the ringside, with the Celtic Warrior who gave support to his two team mates, but did not fight a real match, to leave some time in the ring for Butch, the which still needs to consolidate his gimmick and his character in front of the WWE audience, even those not at home.

The WWE Universe took notice, and some fans feared that the former champion had once again been injured. He has been sidelined multiple times in the past few years, first suffering a concussion in 2019 that kept him out of action for the better part of a year, then famously breaking his nose in June 2021.