WWE has banned a new word

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WWE has banned a new word

Over the years, decades and especially in the last period, since the federation became a listed company, WWE has created a sort of black list, in which it has inserted various terms, words and definitions, which absolutely cannot be mentioned in front of the cameras of the company, with words like "belt", "blood" and "Diva", which have now become obsolete from the vocabulary of the company.

In recent months, the entire list of terms literally banned by Vince McMahon has come out, in which the WWE was sensationally dispensing with the terms "wrestling" and "wrestler"; a rather paradoxical thing if you think that WWE is precisely the number one company in the world when it comes to the discipline of pro-wrestling.

Apparently, in the last few hours, Vince McMahon himself has decided that another term can no longer be pronounced live in front of his cameras, with this blacklist that obviously continues to grow.

WWE prohibits another word

Current WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Naomi says it is "weird" to not officially be a part of The Bloodline as she's always around the faction in real life.

Thanks to Dave Meltzer's latest speech at the Wrestling Observer Radio show, we learn of the last term that Vince McMahon wanted to eliminate from his vocabulary, with the words "non-title" that would be eliminated at the moment forever, by everyone.

the promos and angles of the company. In fact, to the microphones of his Newsletter, Meltzer said: "Well, they can no longer say 'non-title' It has become a banned term" The long list of terms that can no longer be said now includes words like "kayfabe" and "DQ" or "card" and "choke ", or to choke/strangle.

All this would have been conceived by Vince McMahon himself, who would like to give a shape to his wrestling, which is able to protect every portion of his audience, especially that formed by the little ones, with several strong terms that could bring the lights of the American media.

against the company, in bad terms, which the Chairman absolutely does not want. "How do you know she's not already at the table? Because it's not on television? Does everything happen on television? We're on television two hours a week and tomorrow, by the way, two and a half hours on FS1.

That leaves a lot of time for the rest of the week when there are machinations and maneuvers and negotiations and strategies and things happening that you don't see on television," said Heyman.