Dutch Mantell speaks about Raquel Rodriguez

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Dutch Mantell speaks about Raquel Rodriguez
Dutch Mantell speaks about Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez made her main roster debut three weeks ago on SmackDown, taking part in a segment with Los Lotharios. The 31-year-old of Mexican descent made her ring debut in the April 29 episode of SmackDown, defeating jobber Cat Cardoza without any problems.

In her career, Rodriguez won the NXT Championship once and was the first holder of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship (won twice alongside Dakota Kai). She also won the first edition of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2021.

During the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell urged the company to put more emphasis on Raquel's character on the main roster.

Dutch Mantell reflects on Raquel Rodriguez

“Since joining the main roster, Raquel Rodriguez hasn't shown any personality.

She just smiles and doesn't convey any emotion to the audience” - Dutch Mantell analyzed. “She played her first match and she took the win, but I think WWE will have to do a lot more if she wants that girl to be successful.

Also, I think she wasn't put in the right storyline. We'll see” - he added. Dutch then commented on the latest releases made by the company: “There is a rumor that writers and producers were furious, as they were unaware of this new wave of layoffs.

WWE executives had certainly asked him for opinions on the various superstars, but evidently, their suggestions were not heeded. We understand that Vince McMahon and his associates make decisions on their own, regardless of the thinking of others.

If you don't like WWE politics, get another job. This is their approach and nobody can do anything about it”. Mantell also spoke of Happy Corbin: "WWE made him take a very specific direction, which I don't agree with. The public has always hated Corbin.

I preferred him when he was poor and desperate. I don't like Happy Corbin at all, I have to be honest”. Raquel's biggest accolade to date is her reign as NXT Women's Champion. The Texas native won the title on Night One of Stand & Deliver in 2021 by defeating Io Shirai to close the show.

Rodriguez was ultimately dethroned by current champion Mandy Rose at Halloween Havoc six months later. The answer is yes. Nia Jax used to hold the mantle of the tallest female WWE Superstar at 6'0", with SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair recently occupying the top spot at 5'10", but now Raquel is ultimately the most towering performer in the division.

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