Roderick Strong still has a few years on his contract

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Roderick Strong still has a few years on his contract
Roderick Strong still has a few years on his contract

Recently, we reported that according to Fightful it would seem that the former lightweight champion and North American champion of NXT, Roderick Strong, has repeatedly asked to be able to leave the WWE, always receiving a no for an answer from the management of the company.

"Roderick Strong has called for his release from WWE 'several times' over the past few months. We are told that Strong has become increasingly frustrated with the many things that have happened with the company over the past few years and has therefore called for his release, which has always been denied by the WWE."

What's next for Roderick Strong?

Roderick Strong, who is the final remaining member of The Undisputed Era, signed a new contract with the company early last year.

This came before the release of his wife Marina Shafir and numerous other members of his Diamond Mine stable that had been in development for months. According to Dave Meltzer who spoke on his Wrestling Observer Radio, the former Undisputed Era member could benefit much more with an eventual career in AEW like his wife Marina Shafir and the friends he has there.

"I think you can give up, but then you can freeze the contract, so it doesn't really do any good. He still has a couple of years on his deal because he just signed last year before everything changed. His wife is in. AEW. His friends are in AEW.

If you look at things from his perspective, things would be much brighter for him in AEW than they are for NXT." Then the reporter went on to say, "He has a seat right now, so I understand why he wants to leave. It's just one of those things.

It's the nature of contracts. Contracts aren't fair in the sense that they can cut you when they want, essentially, and you can't leave when you want. All wrestling contracts are like that, it's not just WWE." So at the end of it all, it looks like WWE has creative plans for him, which is why they are denying him release.

This also happened to Andrade for example, but in the end he was released and joined AEW where he still fights today. Ross Sapp also reported that WWE had recently pitched the idea of a name change for Roderick Strong, but the former NXT Tag Team Champion was reportedly against the idea.

Despite his unhappiness in WWE right now, sources have told Ross Sapp that Strong has "remained professional" in his handling of the company's creative freedom from week to week.

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