Freddie Prinze Jr: I have a plan to form a wrestling organization

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Freddie Prinze Jr: I have a plan to form a wrestling organization

Freddie Prinze Jr. is ambitious and has interesting plans for the future. One of the plans is to create his own organization. In Wrestling with Freddie podcast, he talked about the future and plans. “I started looking at arena’s locally and what it would cost to rent them,” Freddie said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“And then, as I saw what my opportunities would be in this business, as there would be more of them after I did the Netflix one [a holiday rom-com movie currently untitled], I started saying, well I can accelerate the plan, or I could keep the plan as it is, do a couple more of these [movies] and own the space, which I believe right now is the plan I’m going to execute.

“I already have a commercial realtor that I know and love. She’s already looking at properties for me. I would love to have a full-time home for this. The plan was originally a two-year plan, now I should have the money for a three-year plan, meaning it doesn’t have to make money for three years”.

Freddie Prinze on requests

Freddie Prinze Jr. revealed that many want to perform in his organization. “I’m not hiring anyone yet,” Prinze Jr. said. “So if your friends ask you if this story is true, you tell them yes, and then you send them the link to this episode, so you don’t have to have the 30-minute explanation.

“I plan on having this thing up and running in 18 months. That’s my plan. There’s a way for me to get it done sooner, but it requires me going to Australia for three months and leaving my family. So, I’m not a big fan of doing that, regardless of how kind and respectful the studio is, unless I was in a position where I had to. I love being a dad, it’s the reason I walked away from the business in the first place”.