The Rock has a special bond with Randy Orton

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The Rock has a special bond with Randy Orton

The Rock is arguably one of the most iconic performers of all time, having had the ability to transcend wrestling. In addition to winning 19 titles during his career, he was also the sixth wrestler to carry the Triple Crown.

Johnson won the 2000 Royal Rumble match and took part in the WrestleMania main event on five occasions. Starting in the 2000s, The Rock embarked on a film career, quickly becoming one of Hollywood's most loved and paid actors.

Due to his many commitments on the set, Dwayne's appearances in WWE have become more and more sporadic (also due to the need to not take risks). In the latest edition of the 'Something to Wrestle' podcast, Bruce Prichard revealed that 'The Great One' has always wanted to work with Randy Orton.

The Rock and Randy Orton esteem themselves

“The Rock has shown a great deal of interest in working with Randy Orton. Johnson has always liked the way the Viper worked and saw some aspects in him that characterized him as a young man.

Randy had to deal with a huge load of pressure, just like The Rock did during his years in WWE. The 'Legend Killer' began his career knowing that he would have to handle the comparison with his father and grandfather.

The Rock gave him a big hand along the way” - said Bruce Prichard. Speaking to Sportskeeda, Diamond Dallas Page commented on a possible return of The Rock to WWE: “If Dwayne returns to the ring, he does it only to face his cousin Roman Reigns.

There would be no need to give the title up for grabs, The Rock does not need further recognition. We are talking about one of the greatest ever, in addition to the fact that there is a blood bond between him and Roman. Their fight at WrestleMania would be one of the most thrilling of any era.

The fact that WrestleMania 39 will take place a stone's throw from Hollywood is an added incentive for WWE." Speaking to Title Match Wrestling, Wright said the former WWE Champion-turned-Hollywood megastar refused to wear The Nation’s hats and signature colors: “The only problem we had with him is he didn’t wanna wear the Muslim caps… Then he didn’t wanna put the green, red and yellow, whatever the sign was… black, green and red… he didn’t wanna put that on him, so he ended up putting a little stripe on his shorts. But that was the only problem we had. He completely refused to wear a hat”.