Deonna Purrazzo reflects on her WWE experience

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Deonna Purrazzo reflects on her WWE experience

In April 2020, during the first frightening wave of layoffs in the Stamford company, Deonna Purrazzo was among the names of those who were no longer part of the WWE and since then her life and career have changed, leveling up.

In fact, the wrestler has landed at IMPACT Wrestling by winning several belts, including the IMPACT Knockouts Championship, the AAA Reina de Reina Championship and more recently the women's title of the ROH. During an interview with Busted Open Radio, The Virtuosa expressed a lot of gratitude to Scott D'Amore's company for giving it a chance, even an important one, during a difficult period like that of the pandemic and also talked about what she liked it in WWE.

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"I talked about it a bit last night," said Deonna Purrazzo. "The new round of layoffs in WWE is like, but not to compare because everyone's situation is different, but it's kind of like what I was in, there was a pandemic and there was no independent wrestling that was happening.

, and there weren't any companies that necessarily hired people. It was a very strange time for everyone. I was really able to thrive at IMPACT, and I really don't need independent booking and autograph sessions, because IMPACT has found a way to show everyone, and use social media to our advantage and do something like Wrestle House, where more people were shown in different ways, and I got to benefit from that."

But Deonna also wanted to talk about how her dreams changed when she came to WWE: "I think dreams change. I think it happens as we get older and experience more things like my dream has always been to fight at Wrestlemania.

and being the Divas Champion at the time, that's all I knew about wrestling growing up, so that was my ultimate goal. Then I came [to WWE], and it was like… I don't like anything about this system, it's just not a favorable environment for me and my dream has changed.

Now I just want to go to a place that values ​​me for who I am and gives me the opportunity to fight and see what happens." Deonna Purrazzo also opened up about how coming to IMPACT had helped her rediscover who she was.

She added that it had helped her get past others' opinions and the negativity she had been through. "I don't care that WWE fired me, or didn't want me, or didn't think I was good enough! I think I'm good enough.

And if IMPACT believes I'm good enough, and if Ring of Honor believed I'm good enough, if Japan thought I was good enough, I'm good enough! And I just needed to get back to believing in me and believing in the little girl who wanted to be here her entire life."