Jim Cornette on The Undertaker's future

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Jim Cornette on The Undertaker's future

Shortly before WrestleMania 38, The Undertaker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Vince McMahon himself. The Gravedigger had a legendary career, having been able to transcend wrestling. Barring sensational and unlikely twists, the Gravedigger's last match will remain the one against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

Within the docu-series 'The Last Ride', the 'Phenom' admitted that he could no longer sustain the efforts required by professional wrestling and did not want to ruin his image. The Deadman officially retired from the 2020 Survivor Series, where his extraordinary career had begun 30 years earlier.

In the latest episode of his now-famous podcast, former WWE manager Jim Cornette analyzed Vince McMahon's choice to enter Taker in the HOF so early.

Jim Cornette reflects on The Undertaker

“I think it was the right decision” - Jim Cornette began.

"If there was anyone who deserved to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in a short space of time, it was The Undertaker. I didn't find anything controversial about it, but I might as well be wrong. I think Vince McMahon wanted to send a very specific message through this induction, namely that Taker will never return to the ring” - he added.

Jim was then asked for an opinion on Dominik Mysterio: “It is unfair that all relatives of WWE legends should be given the opportunity to perform at WrestleMania or anything like that. Logan Paul is an athlete, he has charisma to spare and has proven that he deserves that stage.

Dominik is working hard to find space within the company, but he is still far from the required standards. I love his father Rey, he is an absolute myth of this business and I have no intention of crushing his son. However, I have to admit that he doesn't look like a credible superstar.

WrestleMania is the biggest stage that exists and Dominik seemed like a fish out of water." WWE is preparing to host WrestleMania Backlash, the pay-per-view that will be staged on May 8 in Providence. Speaking to Sportskeeda's Bill Apter and Brad Gilmore, Drew McIntyre mentioned The Undertaker when asked who he thinks of as a legend.

He added that he was captivated by The Phenom's speech. "The Undertaker is the first one that popped in my head there, probably after 'Mania. Just there and the standing ovation he got from not just the crowd but all of us [at the Hall of Fame].

My hands were black and blue, I just didn't want to stop clapping. [He had an] hour-long talk and showed that even though he's been talking about, 'I'm gonna eat your soul for 20 years,' he's very articulate and well-spoken. He could have just spoken his regular voice as well, probably got over," said McIntyre.