Booker T furious at comments from Athena (aka Ember Moon)


Booker T furious at comments from Athena (aka Ember Moon)

Booker T spoke to the Hall of Fame Podcast about a topic that is often mentioned. And these are the women within the WWE and their dressing. “I don’t know, I am one of those type of people that when I leave a company, I try to leave all those stories behind.

Try not to think about the negative part or anything like that,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc. “One thing I do know is, Athena was given an opportunity in WWE after trying on several occasions. Didn’t make it, didn’t make it, and then finally, she had the right stuff, and they brought her in.

“Athena was doing really, really well, and then she tore her Achilles, that right there is a really, really bad injury to come back from. She definitely weathered it, and came back from it, and came back from it seemed like stronger than before”.

Booker T on Athena

Booker T seems to be furious that Athena has stressed that WWE wants women to dress like Mandy Rose. “I just don’t know why she made the comments, or for instance throwing Mandy Rose in there,” he said.

“Or even putting Mandy Rose’s name out there. Mandy Rose might like the way she go out and dress, she might like the role that she is playing. It might benefit her very, very well too to play that role. At the end of the day, everybody is going to have a role, okay? “Whether you want to take your role a little bit further than the next person, that’s up for debate, that’s up for chance, whatever.

I do know that if it’s something that the company wants, and it’s something that they’re talking about inside the company, I don’t think that it is something that they wanted anybody outside of that meeting to know about. That right there makes me feel a certain way about it”.

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