*Spoiler* Lacey Evans completed her turn heel

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*Spoiler* Lacey Evans completed her turn heel

In recent weeks, WWE has unveiled the new gimmick of its former American marine athlete, Lacey Evans, with the blonde girl who showed up in the various presentation videos that WWE has released in the latest episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, with a totally new character, which this time winked at the audience and then they all thought it was a babyface.

In all of these videos, Lacey Evans told her sad story of childhood and adolescence characterized by bad memories, with an alcoholic and abusive father, who made her and her mother go through hell, so much so that the two had to escape.

home, at a time when his father was absent from the building. Apparently, Smackdown's new official live audience presentation was supposed to be tonight, but something didn't go as expected.

Lacey Evans is back on TV

In the episode of Smackdown that aired tonight, Lacey Evans staged the final chapter of her story told to the public, with the girl recounting how her father overdosed two months before his tryout with WWE and how other family members also met the same fate during that time, even one on the day of his NXT debut.

Speaking about how the girl will show the world how she managed to break this vicious circle in her family, interviewer Samanta Irvin said fans have just seen the "true story of Lacey Evans" and that from now on she just wants.

that the fans "show you the right respect" All this, however, made the fans suspicious, since the phrase "showing them the right respect" was a phrase that was very popular in the 80s, with the heels of the various American wrestling companies, who used this type of phrase, to expect fans to show them respect, instead, triggering the opposite reaction, a hallmark of the heel.

After returning with an attitude that seemed to be clearly babyface, it seems that Lavey Evans could return to physically tread the rings as a heel, as these clues clearly suggest. Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that Lacey Evans is reported to be attending SmackDown this Friday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While it has been stated that she will be in attendance, there is no word if that means she will be making an on-screen return. Evans last wrestled for the company on an episode of RAW in February 2021 inside The Thunderdome. She teamed up with Peyton Royce against Charlotte Flair and Asuka.