WWE never wanted to unify tag team titles

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WWE never wanted to unify tag team titles

In recent weeks, we have seen a radical change in the main event of Wrestlemania Backlash, the PPV that will air on Sunday and which will see the trio formed by the Bloodline on the one hand, namely the Smackdown tag team champions, go to battle.

Usos and Roman Reigns, undisputed champion of both roster and on the other side Drew McIntyre and the pair champions of the red show, RK-Bro. Initially this contest had started out to be a championship vs championship unification match, as was the main event of Wrestlemania 38, when Roman Reigns had beaten the WWE Beast, Brock Lesnar, also stealing the WWE Championship from his life.

In the episode of Smackdown recorded two weeks ago and instead aired last Friday, Drew McIntyre had run into the ring to defend the couple formed by Riddle and Orton, effectively sanctioning his entry on the scene in the Wrestlemania Backlash match, with WWE that in the end he opted for a 3 vs 3, with no title up for grabs.

WWE didn't want to unify tag team titles

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the initial idea of ​​the WWE has always been to opt in the end for a 3 vs 3, with the belts that would never have been offered up for grabs in PPV, with the journalist who in fact stated: "This has always been the plan, this was just the idea they had to come up with those plans.

If you ask me why, I have no clue as to what, but this is what "Pressed then by colleague Alvarez, who claimed to have also seen local advertisements with the unification match until a few days ago, Meltzer continued: "No, it definitely wasn't what WWE wanted.

The company did not want and never wanted to unify the titles in a match this weekend... it's strange because Vince has well established rules for the construction of the matches, if he knows that something already will never go on stage, he does not make plans.

of unification or at least it doesn't until a few days before the event. The fact of changing things so radically shortly after the event does not make sense, but I know anyway that there would not have been that match.

I still think they thought it was something that would raise the ratings." The latest episode of SmackDown was pre-taped. In one of the key segments of the night, a contract signing was held between The Usos and RK-Bro for their tag team title unification bout at WrestleMania Backlash.

However, the contracts weren't officially signed as Jimmy and Jey Uso attacked the RAW Tag Team Champions for insulting them. Roman Reigns soon came out to punish RK-Bro, but an old rival emerged to confront him.