Tino Sabbatelli supports Mandy Rose

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by Simone Brugnoli
Tino Sabbatelli supports Mandy Rose

During a chat with Chris Van Vliet on Insight, wrestler Tino Sabbatelli talked about an idea he carried on with Andrade El Idolo, but which was rejected by Tony Khan who seems to be bitter towards him. In addition, he also indulged in some statements about his private life, in particular on the side of love, in fact for some time now, he and the current NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose, have a story and seem to be very happy together.

"The first time I met Mandy, I remember, is when they were filming the Tough Enough show, they had something they called like a bunk, whatever it was, next to the WWE Performance Center. I go, they built a small warehouse right next to the PC in Orlando where they kept everyone for the show.

And I remember seeing her a couple of times walking through the PC and I was like, “Wow, that girl is cute”. Like, you know, I was keeping an eye on her, joking with my friends, and I always thought she was beautiful.

For real. And I first met her on the PC and we talked briefly and then, you know, I saw her do the show, she was amazing, and then she got hired. And I'll tell you something about Mandy, of course, everyone knows she's a beautiful woman, but what attracted me the most is her simple personality of her."

Tino Sabbatelli on Mandy Rose

Tino Sabbatelli obviously also talked about the path Mandy Rose is taking now at NXT 2.0: "Obviously, we could have been an incredible power couple in the industry.

We could have done a lot of things, maybe together. But, having said that, I'm really, really happy. for her. I am her biggest fan. I wish everyone success. […] I like to watch Mandy's journey. I try to help you through the pros and cons of it financially and professionally." Over the past few years, several reports have romantically linked WWE NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose to some men and women.

The NXT Women's Champion's boyfriend was a big wrestling fan. In an interview with After The Bell, Rose disclosed that Lubic was the one who encouraged her to pursue a wrestling career. "My ex at the time was a big wrestling fan and he always kind of pushed me and motivated me to like pursue that but I didn't really know much about wrestling. I didn't really grow up watching it to be honest," she said.

Mandy Rose