New details on Aleister Black's status

Aleister Black found his name on the list of wrestlers released by WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Aleister Black's status

Just before the start of last summer, WWE went to fire several of its talents as it has done several times in recent years, including Aleister Black, former NXT champion, who was starting a feud that seemed to be very interesting with Big E, a New Day member who was about to become WWE Champion of the company.

At the moment, Big E is still struggling with his bad neck injury, which will still require several weeks of rest to recover, while Aleister Black has landed only a month after his dismissal, in the rings of the company of the Khans, All Elite Wrestling, with the athlete named Malakai Black and no longer Aleister, for a matter of rights to the WWE name.

In his latest interview, the husband of Zelina Vega from WWE, wanted to tell about the colleagues who have helped and supported him the most in this period of world pandemic, which has been very difficult for everyone.

Backstage news on Aleister Black

In his last speech on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, the current leader of the House of Aleister Black, he wanted to thank his former colleagues: "You know, I have to do my special thanks to both Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens because they were the ones who held my head during these times of complete confusion.

Seth was that someone who was always ready to give advice and teach me a lot of things, like try this angle, try this, let me know this one. So, if you think that I have come to have a certain character by myself, also think about the fact that he has been behind it several times to make me think.

You know, Seth is one of the smartest people in the business and he knows it. Several people can't understand why he's been at the top for so long, but I don't care what these people think. He's so smart, he's been a top player for at least a decade.

The same goes for Kevin. In the last few matches we had before I went knocking on the boss's door and saying 'Hey Boss, what the hell is going on?' Kevin always came looking for me every week because he knew what was going on and he knew it wasn't right, what I was promised and how I was presented against what I really had and all the various implications of Monday nights, were driving me crazy.

Once again, it was Kevin who made me think and came to see how I was, week after week, also telling me once 'Hey man, a penny for your thoughts, I know this is not an easy thing at all', trying to make me understand that the hard times would pass."

Aleister Black