Drew McIntyre recalls the most shocking moment of his career

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Drew McIntyre recalls the most shocking moment of his career

As we all know, Drew McIntyre has succeeded in the great and impossible feat of getting out of the End of Days, the most protected final move in WWE history, in fact, no one before had ever managed to get out of Baron Corbin's move.

It all happened when the Scotsman faced Happy Corbin at Wrestlemania 38. After suffering the End of Days, McIntyre saw the opponent above him attempting to field him, but he was able to rise and cancel the pin to the astonishment of the fans present and at home.

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Speaking with Rich Ucchino about the Bleav in Pro Wrestling podcast, Drew McIntyre reflected on the moment he lifted his shoulder, praising Corbin's reaction and adding more to the audience as well.

"I could feel it when I was lying there. I could see it when I was looking at it and I saw the reaction on the internet. People said, 'Oh God, Corbin won.' And that was where we had them in the match. And that's what it's all about.

No matter what you think you know, it's being able to capture the crowd. they lost 100% and his reaction was great. As long as it is done on the right occasion, it is done in the right way and it manages to improve what is happening in the ring, you know, there is nothing wrong.

So it's nice to say I was the first to do it." In a recent interview with Sportskeeda colleagues, Drew explained what was going on in his head at the time: "'Drew will win, of course, but let's see what happens.' We caught them for a second with that End of Days moment.

'Oh, Corbin has it, boom!' And that's when we caught them. We hooked them. This is what we try to do. People were lost in the match after that kick out at the End of Days."