Drew McIntyre doesn't appreciate the unification of the titles


Drew McIntyre doesn't appreciate the unification of the titles

In the main event of the second night dedicated to Wrestlemania 38, Roman Reigns won the sensational match wanted by WWE to decree his new Undisputed Universal Champion on the main roster, with the first champion to come out of Wrestlemania with both belts as world champion of both roster, which was the Tribal Chief himself.

After waging a months-long feud with WWE's Beast Brock Lesnar, Reigns managed to bring home one of the main events with the highest star power in the entire history of Showcase of the Immortals, between delighted fans and fans instead.

angry to death for his victory. Already in the first edition of Monday Night Raw post-Wrestlemania, Reigns wanted to present himself in front of the public with both his world champion belts, to celebrate his sensational victory in front of the WWE Universe, with his reign as Universal Champion, which meanwhile continues, reaching never-before-seen heights every day.

In the ppv we are going to see tonight, however, Reigns will not be giving away any of his belts, with Drew McIntyre being his personal opponent, in the 3 vs 3, between the Scottish and the RK-Bro and the Bloodline trio of SmackDown.

In his latest interview, former WWE Champion Wrestlemania 36 main event winner Drew McIntyre wanted to give his comment against the unified main roster champion.

What's next for Drew McIntyre?

He told WrestleRant's microphones: "I mean for the rosters, they better stay separate.

I think every show should have its champion. I know, like 20 years ago, there was only one champion accompanying the shows. But it was still a unique roster. Now, I understand that all of this is the result of what happened in Wrestlemania, for the monstrous match between Roman and Brock.

They were two champions who had to face each other. Two individuals with an incredible story behind them, which took it to another level, with Roman being the Tribal Chief and with Brock cowboy style, with an incredible match never seen before, with incredible implications.

So there was that whoever came out of that match had two belts at the waist. Now he's really got to the level of Thanos. But I think it's only a matter of time before someone takes at least one title from him and I think this person could be Drew McIntyre." McIntyre survived the finishing move in the closing stages of the eight-minute match before defeating his long-term rival with a Claymore.

Heading into WrestleMania, no superstar had ever kicked out of Corbin’s move since he began using it more than seven years ago.

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