How did the backstage react to Roman Reigns' announcement?


How did the backstage react to Roman Reigns' announcement?

This morning we reported that on the night between Saturday and Sunday the WWE held a Live Event in Trenton, New Jersey and that on that occasion the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns made it clear with some statements, that he could retire from the ring or become a part-timer.

Obviously if that were to be the case it would be a very important thing because the Samoan has been dominating in WWE for some time and even if sooner or later his domination will meet an end, it is not expected to see him retire anytime soon.

Are Roman Reigns' days in WWE numbered?

From an update from colleagues at Fightful, we know that a WWE behind-the-scenes source said Roman Reigns is still heavily represented in creative plans for "the near future" and they don't see him leaving "anytime soon." The producers, staff and executives of the company were not advised of any upcoming extended absences for Reigns.

Another source also wanted to add that Roman has been "invited and incentivized" to keep WWE at the top of his priority list as they continue to build WWE programming around him. It was further said that the Head of the Table might have implied that he would attend fewer house show events in the future.

Roman Reigns has had three matches on television this year, 25 on house shows, and nine dark matches, so even though he rarely performs on television, he still fights often in the company. Roman Reigns will corner his Usos cousins ​​tonight to fight RK-Bro, Randy Orton and Matt Riddle, and Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania Backlash.

It seems that in his future there is a challenge against the Scotsman, who according to many could be the one who will finally take away the belt that has remained well anchored to the life of the Samoan, who as already mentioned, has done nothing but dominate in the last years.

If this were to happen it would surely be a beautiful fight and from there on Roman's path could change, as mentioned in his promo.

This week at a WWE Live event in Trenton, New Jersey, Roman Reigns took to the microphone to address the WWE Universe.

Reigns spoke about moving on to the next phase of his career and said he wasn't sure if he'd return to Trenton in the future. He ended by thanking the fans for their support. In an update from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, it doesn't appear that The Tribal Chief will be leaving WWE anytime soon.

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