*Spoiler* Rhea Ripley made a surprise gesture

Rhea Ripley joined Judgment Day at WrestleMania Backlash

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Rhea Ripley made a surprise gesture

Over the past few weeks, in the rings of Monday Night Raw, we have seen two prominent athletes team up on the top floors of the red show card, with WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, joining forces with former US Champion of the flag show of the company, Damian Priest.

The two had already been joined at Wrestlemania, when the former NXT archer had helped the Rated R Superstar defeat AJ Styles, in the cartel match between the Canadian and Phenomenal One. Apparently, on Sunday, at Wrestlemania Backlash, the last WWE PPV, there would have been yet another entry into the famous stable that Edge would be building in WWE and which will probably be one of the last of his career, before his definitive retirement and that it will help these young guys to emerge in the best way, alongside a legendary athlete like him.

On Sunday, in fact, it was Rhea Ripley's time to emerge, and the former champion of the red show also entered the Edge stable. The rumor had been in the air for a few weeks now, with Rhea Ripley having turned her heel on Liv Morgan a few days ago and with several sites in the sector that wanted the former NXT and red show champion to go shortly to slip into one of the most important and interesting storylines of the red show.

Rhea Ripley joins Edge and Damian Priest

In the end, during the Wrestlemania rematch, between the Phenomenal One and the Rated R Superstar, Rhea took care of interfering in the contest, since Damian Priest had been ousted from the ringside, after losing his match against Styles to Raw.

The Australian showed up at ringside with a mask on her face that covered her identity, with such an appearance that obviously allowed Edge to have some help against AJ Styles, who therefore lost this contest as well. In the post-match, Edge called Rhea into the ring, showing her face to the world and making it clear how she is now part of her personal "cult", with Monday Night Raw starting to become a truly dangerous place for Superstars.

WWE from now on. Rhea Ripley made her appearance when she knocked AJ Styles off the top rope whilst the referee was distracted with Damian Priest and Finn Balor brawling in the ring. Ripley has been known for her blonde hair throughout her time on RAW, but it appears that this could be a signal that she has gone all the way over to the darker side now.

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