*Spoiler* The Bloodline triumphed again

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*Spoiler* The Bloodline triumphed again

In recent weeks, we had seen a radical change in the main event of Wrestlemania Backlash, the PPV that aired in the night and that saw the trio formed by The Bloodline on one side go to battle, namely the tag team champions of Smackdown, Usos and Roman Reigns, undisputed champion of both roster and on the other side Drew McIntyre and the pair champions of the red show, RK-Bro.

Initially this contest had started out to be a championship vs championship unification match, as was the main event of Wrestlemania 38, when Roman Reigns had beaten the WWE Beast, Brock Lesnar, also stealing the WWE Championship from his life.

In the end, however, after entering the storyline of Drew McIntyre, WWE decided to make it a 3 vs 3 match, with the couple titles that were no longer mentioned in the match and with no belt that was so put. up for grabs, as was originally thought, according to Dave Meltzer, who has repeatedly stated that WWE never intended to unify tag team titles on the main roster as well.

The Bloodline has dominated the company since 2020

The Bloodline has dominated the company since 2020. Roman Reigns is currently the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, boasting the longest reign ever for the Universal Title.

The Usos have ruled in two-on-two competition, with their current SmackDown Tag Team Championship reign also being the longest in history. In the end, to win the main event of this last ppv of the Stamford company, it was the three Samoans of the company, with Roman Reigns and the Usos who beat the three faces of the moment thanks to the Tribal Chief: Randy Orton, Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre.

In one of the final stages of the match, Randy Orton hit Smackdown's Tribal Chief with his RKO, making fans understand how soon we could also have a feud between the two athletes, perhaps as an interlude to lengthen the reigns of Reigns that in the as they continue to grind day after day.

In the end, WWE's Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, decided to close the dispute, who first threw Drew McIntyre on the commentary table of the show, knocking him down and then hit with his devastating Spear, Riddle, l 'weak link of the trio of face, who could not do anything in front of the power of the undisputed champion of the main roster.

The Tribal Chief and his cousins have formed the nucleus of WWE storylines right now, as their segments on television are 'can't-miss' viewing.