Enzo Amore is happy with his career outside WWE

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Enzo Amore is happy with his career outside WWE

In recent years, several characters have become very famous in the WWE rings, but several of them then did not stand firm, asking to leave or even being fired, falling within a very important budget cut plan, which the WWE has been on stage for several months now.

Among the many athletes fired from the McMahon-owned company, Enzo Amore, a former talent of NXT, 205 Live and the main roster, also found space, who after running into some legal troubles, also ended up being fired, for not having kept aware of this and very important information, the management of WWE.

After the allegations of rape against him and the call in front of a judge, WWE has seen fit to fire the boy, not trusting him anymore and after a few months, the tag team partner, Big Cass, has also met the same fate, for obviously different reasons and currently works in the rings of the competitor AEW.

Enzo Amore is a former WWE star

In his last speech to the microphones of Busted Open Radio, a very important radio program in the USA as regards the discipline of pro-wrestling, Enzo Amore wanted to tell how it is quite easy to make money even outside the WWE, saying: "I did a lot of meet & greet; and you were with me, Mark.

We were both booked a lot on the radios, here and there and you hated all these appearances. I am in the independent circuit now and I make a lot of money on my own, now I understand. I went through it on my own. These paid appearances made me realize how much money I could make on all those meet & greets, especially when I was at the top of WWE, holy shit.

This is why I am so interested in seeing all of you guys who are in AEW, who are on TV, do your own meet & greet, book your appearances yourself, as it will never happen with WWE." Not only does Amore being shown the door by WWE eliminate any chance of Big Cass and Amore continuing their feud when he gets back from injury, it also ends any chance of an Enzo and Cass reunion too.

Sure, kind of a nit pick considering that Big Cass will most likely move on to bigger and better things once he returns, but a bummer none the less. In fact, the recent firing of Amore ruins any chance the team might have had at reuniting and going after their first tag team championship.

Yes, that's a small price to pay given the fact that there is evidence that Amore did some very bad things and then failed to tell WWE, but this has to be a little bit of a bummer for Cass's career too.