Could Bray Wyatt never return to the ring?

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Could Bray Wyatt never return to the ring?
Could Bray Wyatt never return to the ring?

Bray Wyatt has been one of wrestling's most famous and celebrated figures for years, but his career came to a halt last summer when WWE decided to release the former Universal Champion. The former The Fiend has yet to get back active in the wrestling world, but there seems to be a chance he may end up on the sidelines forever.

Becoming WWE's most beloved Superstar between 2019-2020 and a two-time Universal Champion, the athlete who debuted in the company as Husky Harris is inactive since WrestleMania 37. Well, '' reportedly caught up with a close friend of Windham Rotunda, real name of Bray Wyatt.

The man revealed that the former WWE Superstar has been good at managing the money he earned in the rings around the world, and those who know him well wouldn't be surprised if he eventually decides never to return to the ring again.

According to '', the source said: "Windham is very good with money. He made a lot, and he put it all aside. I wouldn't be surprised if he never goes back to wrestling again."

New details on Bray Wyatt

The well-known 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter' recently discovered and revealed that, prior to his release, Bray Wyatt was the third or fourth highest-paid company employee, as his earnings were approximately $ 4 million.

Fans have been wondering for over a year what his fate might be, and maybe if Wyatt will one day show up on AEW. Recently, however, it was also reported that the compensation requested by the former Universal Champion is "very high".

The last match ever played by Bray Wyatt so far remains that of WrestleMania 37, where the then The Fiend (in the middle of his storyline never really ended with Alexa Bliss) was defeated by Randy Orton. In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, journalist Dave Meltzer wrote that Wyatt was making a hefty sum before WWE released him.

As per Meltzer, Wyatt was probably making $4 million annually: "At the time he left the company, he was believed to be the third or fourth highest paid performer on the roster with a contract in the $4 million per year range at the time he was cut and was a major merchandise draw." Windham Rotunda brought the Bray Wyatt character to the main roster in 2013.

Over the next five years, he feuded with WWE's top superstars. Around this time, Wyatt won the WWE title on one occasion. He won the title on the road to WrestleMania 33 and lost the belt to Randy Orton at The Show of Shows.

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