Big E's injury isn’t healing as it should

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Big E's injury isn’t healing as it should

A few weeks ago, former WWE Champion Big E ran into a bad injury outside the ring of an episode of Friday Night Smackdown, when the athlete was knocked down with a Belly to Belly Suplex by his opponent, Ridge Holland, falling on the head in a completely disheveled and unexpected way.

In the fall, Big E sustained not one but two fractures to his spine, fracturing two cervical vertebrae, but without the need for a surgical operation to help him heal the injury. Unfortunately, the fear was still great and still is, since neither the athlete, nor his fans, nor the doctors, know how long it will take for the athlete to fully recover before returning to the WWE rings.

The even more unknown and serious thing is the fact that Big E may not even be able to return to the pro-wrestling rings if his injury does not heal as much as possible, allowing him to take the usual bumps he always has.

taken in his career.

Big E is still injured

In his latest online update that arrived just hours ago, Big E worried his fans a little when he told WWE Universe attendees how his neck doesn't respond to the therapies and rest that the doctors who forced him into.

take care. Apparently, one of the two fractures, he would not be healing as expected, with the former WWE Champion saying: “For those eager for updates, my C1 is apparently not healing in the best way. I will have to spend another 4-6 weeks hoping that I can avoid a merger.

But don't worry! I have a great support system and what will be will be". With his usual and extreme calm, calmness and optimism, Big E has thus updated his fans, not with the best news he could give them, but with a step forward for all of them, with his situation still quite firm on a razor's edge, between being able to fully recover and the possibility of not being able to go back to the ring to do what he loves.

There is probably no WWE Superstar walking the face of the planet who is as agile or athletic as Ricochet is. That is not a problem at all. Beyond that, he is just a regular guy who brags about his achievements to Aliyah backstage.

He is missing the X-Factor that the industry-defining stars over the years have had. He could seamlessly fit into The New Day as a third member, even if it was for a very brief period. So when Big E returns, he could go after the title that Ricochet holds. The possibilities are endless. At any rate, it would be a step up for the Intercontinental Champion.