Backstage news on Kofi Kingston's status

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Backstage news on Kofi Kingston's status

One of the most victorious and longest-running teams of the last period in WWE, is certainly the one that responds to the name of New Day, with the boys who form the trio of multiple world champions of the federation that has reached peaks still unexplored by their predecessors, reaching record after record.

Having also reached two titled realms with the WWE Championship alongside them, with Big E and Kofi Kingston having managed in two different years and in two different contexts to reach their first and only world titled kingdom, the trio was separated by several times.

Because of the company's annual drafts, in fact, Big E has long been kept out of the trio, first on Monday Night Raw, with E staying on Friday Night Smackdown and then reversing, with the remaining Kingston and Woods continuing.

their stint in WWE as a couple, while Big E continued his path in single. After the injury, yet another, for the King of the Ring, WWE has seen fit to reunite Big E with Kofi, with the latter now left alone in Smackdown, also officially moving the former WWE Champion to the blue show, even if in the end a bad injury also hit Big E, still struggling with two spinal fractures.

Kofi Kingston is a WWE veteran

In his latest Out of Character interview, former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston wanted to talk about the beginnings of the New Day by saying: "When they gave us this gimmick of positivity and preachers - ah that point I'll never forget.

We paced back and forth to try to talk to Vince to dissuade him. We just wanted to be guys who weren't satisfied with their positions in the company. And he kept saying to us, 'Okay, well, so we thought we'd make you preachers and go out there with some gospel music.'

We were sitting out there and like New Day, we knew that people would never come to a WWE show to see some church stuff and they would reject the idea." And again: "But that's what they told us to do. We told him, 'Whatever you want us to do, we will make it a success, thanks to our chemistry.

We believe it.' And he replied, 'Okay, I'll let you do some tests. And you will start out just as a preacher of positivity. Get over it.' So we thought that this was our chance and tried to support each other.

There were a lot of people who tried to put a spoke in the wheel. You know, they didn't believe in us. They made fun of us and tried to make us fail. But in the end, it all comes back and those people then retraced their steps and in hindsight, they came back to us to admit that they were wrong."