Booker T: "Cody Rhodes is the only one who can .."


Booker T: "Cody Rhodes is the only one who can .."

In an interview for the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about Cody Rhodes and his importance, as well as his father who is a WWE legend. “I’m a Cody fan, man. I got a chance to talk to Cody this weekend, in the TV locker room,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“Because that’s where the boys dressed, the old-school. Cody came in, and his dad, Dusty, he didn’t call me Booker T, he always used to call me, T Book. Cody calls me T Book as well. We were talking about something, and he said one thing that made me think about him and I when we worked together.

“He goes, ‘you’ve got to know when you’re driving, you’ve got to know when you’ve got the keys.’ The thing is, that’s what I was telling him when we were working each other.

Not to hear him have all of that still stuck in his head, it made me feel pretty good. Let me know that I did my work, I got my work done when I was working with Cody. “Because he is a different worker, he’s matured, he’s more polished, he’s more seasoned.

He’s not going out there just running around doing something just because he can do it. Now he’s trying to motivate the fans to feel a certain way about Cody Rhodes and what he’s trying to achieve”.

Booker T: Who can dethrone Roman Reigns

Booker T also revealed who he considers the best person to dethrone Roman Reigns.

“I’ve got to go with Cody Rhodes,” Booker T said. “Drew McIntyre, like I said on the kickoff show, being a part of that six-man with RK-Bro, keeping himself real close to the body. Making sure he stays close to the championship.

It’s good for Drew McIntyre. Letting everyone know, man, I am not far from this picture. But, the guy that’s got the ho* hand, the guy that’s got the rocket on him is Cody Rhodes. I say you run with that, man until it cools off. I don’t think that’s going to be for quite some time”.

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