What are WWE's plans for Hell in a Cell?

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What are WWE's plans for Hell in a Cell?

One of the most anticipated PPVs of the year by WWE Universe fans who are not part of the Big Four event is undoubtedly Hell in a Cell, an event that takes its name from the homonymous stipulation with the infernal cage introduced in WWE at the end of the 90s.

In the various Hell in a Cell matches that took place over the years and with the various eras, real sacred monsters of the ring were consecrated, such as Kane, Mankind, The Undertaker, Triple H and many others, with such stipulation that according to many wrestler would truly change the life and career of the athletes who enter it.

Apparently, also this year the PPV dedicated entirely to the hellish match of the company will return, which the WWE will stage on June 5th, with several hypotheses that have already been considered by the insiders, for what we will probably see in less than a month.

Latest news on Hell in a Cell

We are less than three weeks away from the next WWE pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell. Following a fairly decent Clash Of Champions show, it seems like some of WWE's biggest storylines are about to blow off at the right time.

To make a somewhat clearer picture of the situation at WWE with regard to the next ppv, it was the usual Dave Meltzer, an important journalist in the wrestling sector, who in his latest Newsletter to the Wrestling Observer microphones, wanted to say: "They have to have a third match now, (Cody and Seth Rollins ed) so what could be done? It should be Hell in a Cell, right.

There doesn't seem to be a match ready for Roman Reigns at the moment. I mean, they might as well do something between Edge and Damian Priest versus AJ Styles and Finn Balor. They might play the famous unification match tag team as well, but then eventually someone should win.

You cannot finish a Hell in a Cell in a no contest. Or rather, they could also do it if they wanted to. They can always find the way or the stratagem they want to do something." According to the well-known journalist, therefore, it is certain that there will be a third match between the former Messiah of Raw, Seth Rollins and the recently returned Cody Rhodes, with what in all likelihood it will be a contest that will take place in the famous infernal cage, but with other contests that could probably still find space inside the Hell in a Cell.

WWE should ideally plan out the card in advance and limit the show to eight or nine matches, to gain optimum output from each one. Clash Of Champions saw eleven matches, including the Kickoff Show, mainly due to the 'every title will be defended' theme of the pay-per-view.