Has the WWE changed rules at Money in the Bank?

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Has the WWE changed rules at Money in the Bank?

One of the most important PPVs of the entire WWE calendar during the calendar year is certainly the one dedicated to Money in the Bank which, like other PPVs, although remains the most historic and important paid event of the WWE, sometimes fails to attract the attention and hype it ought to generate.

The fact of having inserted the famous match with the briefcase attached to the ceiling in a ppv dedicated to it, created a huge income for the WWE, with the first matches dedicated to MITB that instead had been staged at Wrestlemania, as initially conceived by the management and an idea by Chris Jericho.

Apparently, however, in the first commercial staged on the television screens of the Stamford-based company, entrusted to the voice and face of Cody Rhodes, the WWE seems to have let slip a significant detail, with the wrestler who said that whoever wins the match with the briefcase up for grabs, will end up straight to the main event titled Wrestlemania and not that he will be entitled to a match valid for the title at any time he wants.

Money in the Bank 2022 is around the corner

Money in the Bank 2022 is around the corner, set to take place on July 2, 2022. As already analyzed yesterday by us at WorldWrestling, the sentence that came out of Cody's mouth could easily be an error that escaped the control of the company, even if similar blunders have hardly occurred in history, with the other hypothesis, namely that the sentence is right, which on the other hand would open another series of problems and infinite details, first of all, the reign of the undisputed champion of Roman Reigns.

As noted by Dave Meltzer in his latest newsletter, in fact: "Anyway, there is one other thing that might clear up this dilemma in a day or two, but the publicity was what it was. They didn't say the winner will be able to cash in anytime he wants his title shot from now until Wrestlemania.

It was instead, that the winner will have a title shot right at Wrestlemania. In theory, on July 2nd, we will therefore already have two of the contenders for a male and a female title ready for Wrestlemania next April. And if the Royal Rumble remains what it is, it will mean that we will also have another contender and another contender for the other two titled matches, for both men and women.

There is only one man with titles though, but I think he will mean there will be a second title at that time, from now to Wrestlemania, which obviously doesn't surprise me. Everyone knows it's only a matter of time before they go back to being two separate titles.

From the point of view of women, we will have that of Raw and a titled match... not for the match itself, but one of the contenders, will have to wait from July onwards, at least for what the advertisement says. I do not know. Advertising was what it was, but no one seems to know anything, nor that anything has changed."