WWE's already changed plans for Lacey Evans

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WWE's already changed plans for Lacey Evans

In recent weeks, after a long hiatus to become a mom for the second time, we've seen some footage of Lacey Evans returning to WWE with a new character. She, in fact told us about her past, and how difficult her childhood and adolescence were, marked by a father who suffered from various psychological problems and a mother who practically raised her alone.

This information has aroused very deep feelings in the WWE Universe, with many people seeing each other in this sad story and others who almost struggled to hear those words that told of so much suffering.

What's next for Lacey Evans?

Obviously, during these videos, the feeling was that of having a completely different Lacey Evans from the one who was around in the last months before the break, a Lacey Evans babyface with the character of the marine who has redeemed herself in life.

Additionally, the character was introduced on SmackDown, where she also appeared in person to greet fans last week. Instead, now it seems that WWE has taken a step back with their booking ideas, in fact, according to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, Lacey Evans would now have moved on to the Raw roster as a heel character.

"WWE has officially moved Lacey Evans to the RAW roster, PWInsider.com confirmed. Despite all the videos that have been used to build her comeback, Evans is going to be a heel moving forward." Lacey Evans herself posted a photo on Twitter of herself backstage with the large Monday Night Raw logo behind it.

This shift is also quite important because so many doubts arise about the stability of the women's division of SmackDown, which at the moment does not have very many athletes and the ones that are there have hardly been built at all and now Charlotte Flair is also out for a break that will bring her.

at the altar. Maybe it's time to get Bayley back. As noted above, Evans appeared on the latest episode of SmackDown after a 15-month hiatus and confronted Charlotte Flair. Lacey featured in multiple pre-taped promo videos in the weeks leading up to her return as she unveiled her new marine gimmick.

The real-life Marines veteran ditched her "The Sassy Southern Belle" persona, and fans were appreciative online of how she was presented during the vignettes. "Some will hate it. Some will love it. It's for the ones who need it. Whoever you are, whatever you're going through…..you are not alone," wrote Evans on Instagram.