Mia Yim recalls an important moment she experienced in WWE

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Mia Yim recalls an important moment she experienced in WWE
Mia Yim recalls an important moment she experienced in WWE (Provided by Wrestling World)

Former WWE Superstar Mia Yim, who recently returned to IMPACT Wrestling on a contract of around six months, for the time being, began her WWE career during the famed Mae Young Classic Tournament. On that occasion she challenged Toni Storm in the quarter-finals, impressing the audience with her performance so much that the audience pushed the company with various choirs to get her to sign a contract to have her on the shows every week.

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Speaking on her YouTube channel, Mia Yim reflected on her participation in the tournament, stating that she felt "seen" by fans as the crowd sang to WWE to offer her a contract. "I love working with Toni [Storm] and this is a match where I lose and when her hand is raised, the chorus 'please let Mia sign' starts and like, I've learned my role for my entire career.

I've always been good at helping out. If I needed to make someone look good, if I needed to lead someone, I know I can do it and I know what my role was and I was proud of it. But once I started the song 'please let Mia sign it', I finally felt noticed.

I was in the ring and I was finally noticed ... it was crazy but I didn't think about it too much. I was very happy at that moment," Mia Yim said. Obviously, after the tournament the WWE really signed her and the wrestler continued her journey at NXT before leaving the company in November last year, taking a break also to dedicate herself to moving and marrying Keith Lee and now as mentioned before, she is at IMPACT Wrestling.

However, after making a lackluster debut under the new name 'Reckoning' as part of the stable 'Retribution', Mia Yim could never find her feet on the main roster and was eventually released. Along with many other released talents from November 4th, Yim is now a free agent and can wrestle for other promotions.

The former WWE Superstar took to Twitter today to announce her wrestling freedom. Much like Yim, her real-life partner Keith Lee was also released on November 4th last year and can now compete again. Fans were stunned when Bearcat was let go last year given his mammoth size and absorbing personality both in and out of the ring.

News of Lee's non-compete clause ending was confirmed today via Twitter by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com.

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