WWE updates its Raw female roster

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WWE updates its Raw female roster

In recent weeks, WWE has made some changes to its rosters, moving some athletes from NXT to the main roster or moving athletes from one side to the other of the two main brands, or from Smackdown to Raw and vice versa. In addition to having seen shifts from one roster to another, we have also seen shifts from one faction to another, that is, wrestlers who have made their own turn heel, thus moving from the "good/face" faction to that of "bad/heel."

This is particular to the women's roster of the company. One of the last to have made her turn heel was Rhea Ripley, an athlete currently on Edge's Judgment Day and Damian Priest, who just a few weeks ago had decided to attack her former tag team partner, Liv Morgan, from behind.

so in fact his transition between the heel athletes of Monday Night Raw.

Latest update on Raw

Thanks to the latest information that emerged through the well-known overseas site, PW Insider, we learn what were the movements that WWE wanted to make internally to its roster, with several additions and movements that have therefore shaped a new roster.

Now let's see how the various factions are divided on the television screens of the red show according to the well-known overseas site: Babyface:
- Bianca Belair (Raw champion)
- Alexa Bliss
- Liv Morgan
- Asuka
- Dana Brooke (24/7 champion).

- Becky Lynch
-Rhea Ripley (after the turn on Liv Morgan and her entry into Judgment Day at Wrestlemania Backlash)
-Lacey Evans (moved to Raw from Smackdown where she was a face)
- Carmella
- Zelina Vega
- Doudrop
- Nikki ASH (currently teamed with Doudrop)
- Tamina Snuka.

As you can see very well, the distribution between the face and heel of the red roster is quite unbalanced, with the faces being five while the heels are eight. At the moment, however, this turns out to be the general picture of the WWE regarding the red show of Monday Night Raw, with the company that will now have to use that roster to bring its women forward as best as possible, creating storylines with them, to entertain fans of the WWE Universe.

Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, the WWE Hall of Famer recalled how his boss reacted via a headset when he found out about the impersonation: “I dressed up, had the bouffant hair like Vince, went to his old barber, got the stuff,” JBL said.

“I was saying all the catchphrases just like Vince, like, ‘Childhood dreams come true.’ Vince doesn’t realize it for a while and finally, about the second or third match, he goes, ‘Michael, John, I don’t find that funny, you’re both fired,’” he joked.