Riddle reveals his main source of inspiration

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Riddle reveals his main source of inspiration

After playing in the UFC for a few years, Riddle signed his first deal with WWE in 2018. The Allentown superstar has been showing off his skills since NXT, only to move to the main roster at the right time. Since then, 'The Original Bro' has made a steady rise, which has surprised both fans and insiders.

Matt has in fact won the United States title once and the Raw Tag Team Championship twice, making the most of his alliance with the legendary Randy Orton. However, on May 8, at WrestleMania Backlash, RK-Bro and Drew McIntyre were defeated by members of Bloodline (Roman Reigns and Usos).

In a recent interview with Catch Club, Riddle revealed that Bryan Danielson was one of the factors that led him to sign with WWE.

Backstage news on Riddle

“Just before I came to WWE, there was Daniel Bryan who was fighting on equal terms with Batista and Triple H, two true monsters of this business.

At that moment, I realized that things had changed from the past. It was no longer necessary to be a giant to make it into WWE. I was convinced that - if I had worked hard and flaunted my charisma - I would have received an opportunity sooner or later" - said Riddle.

The latter dreams of facing Brock Lesnar in the WrestleMania main event: “Brock Lesnar and I shared the ring briefly earlier this year during the Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia. That was just a little taste.

Brock got out of his 'cell' and did what he usually does. No one was able to counter him and he wiped out each of us. I would like to face him in the main event of Mania." Riddle also spoke of Goldberg: “We have two wrestling philosophies that couldn't be more different from each other.

Bill is convinced that a couple of spectacular moves are enough to make an electrifying match." Riddle and Randy Orton had a back and forth relationship before officially forming RK-Bro. The Original Bro wanted the Apex Predator to be his friend but Orton was very clear about working alone.

It took a bit of convincing but in the end, Orton agreed to form the tag team. On a recent episode of Friday Night Pints, Riddle spoke about how the company handles any backlash on promos. During his conversation, Riddle also revealed his parents' reaction to him talking about his stepfather.

Riddle said: "When it comes to dialogue, it's more on (the company). We also have some input, sometimes, and sometimes we don't. It depends on who wants you to say it. The other day, I had to talk about my stepdad who left me 25 years ago when he went to get milk and just got lost and never came back."