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Latest update on Cesaro's future

Latest update on Cesaro's future

Cesaro has worked hard throughout the ThunderDome era

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Cesaro's future

In recent years, several WWE Superstars have decided to leave the McMahon company, between those who have asked for the consensual termination of their agreement and those who have waited for this contract to expire, and then not go to renew it.

Among the many names who have opted for this choice, we find in fact characters of the caliber of Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Andrade, Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, the late Luke Harper and many other former WWE, who later went to work almost everyone in the All Elite Wrestling rings with the Khan family.

Obviously, many other Superstars have been fired or in any case, the WWE has made sure that I go away, such as Cesaro, the former WWE US Champion, who's said to have received a truly derisory and almost insulting offer, for a athlete of his caliber, to go and renew with the Stamford-based company, which he obviously refused.

Apparently, after changing his name to CSRO, due to the legal wrangling over WWE property names, Cesaro doesn't seem to have found any ideal place to fight again, as several promoters have contacted him for a few appearances here and there.

in the world, but no one would have been able to find the right deal with the Swiss.

New details on Cesaro

According to what is reported by the well-known Fightful Select, in fact: "Several promoters who spoke with us told us that the price to take Cesaro home was really too high and that no one was able to satisfy him with a different offer, with such requests that have always been rejected.

Cesaro was also contacted by an agent who acts as a manager for several of his colleagues. However, we have been told that several wrestlers intentionally use sky-high booking prices because they are happier if they stay at home, until they find the right deal or offer, after being on the road for a long time.

At the moment, however, we are unable to tell you if this is also one of those cases." The simple reason is he and WWE couldn't agree on a new deal. As reported by PWInsider, both sides were in contract negotiations, but a new deal wasn't signed.

Wrestlers are bound to parent promotions with time-limited contracts and can choose not to sign another contract if they aren't happy with the deal offered. Fans have seen superstars like Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole choose not to sign a new deal with WWE. Cesaro is the latest name on the list.

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