Drew McIntyre reveals his main goal

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Drew McIntyre reveals his main goal

Yes, Drew McIntyre wants to bring the WWE European Championship back to life. The holder of the WWE Championship twice through an interview on TalkSPORT said that he revers that title. “Yes, I want that title. Simply because when I was a kid and I saw that belt, the first thing I thought was that I wanted to win it and be the WWE European champion, but now I can't because that title no longer exists.

I don't like having so many titles around and at the moment there are so many in our programming, but I would have loved that belt as a child. Honestly, I would very much like him to come back to life, I would fight to win it and soon after I would gladly withdraw the belt.

I repeat, having too many titles around may not like it, but such a solution would be really special to realize the dream of little young Drew, "Definitely sweet words from a dreamer McIntyre, who before being an athlete and champion of World Wrestling Entertainment, he was a fan like all of us behind the keyboard and all of you who are reading this interesting news.

What's next for Drew McIntyre?

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre wants the company to bring back the European Championship. The European title was alive within the then World Wrestling Federation between 1997 and 2002 and had as its first champion British Bulldog (who was also the longest in history) and lastly Rob Van Dam, but then unify the belt within a match that also saw the Intercontinental title at stake, with the latter still alive and still present in our days around Ricochet's waist, in the blue Friday night brand, SmackDown.

The European title is no longer alive, but in the company, there is another belt that is very close to that value, that is the NXT UK Championship which will be up for grabs tonight in a one on one between the champion Dragunov and challenger, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin.

Drew McIntyre instead will be busy continuing his feud with the Bloodline, especially after the events of WrestleMania Backlash. PPV in which the faction flanked by Paul Heyman and led by the Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, triumphed over the trio made up of the Scottish and RK-Bro.

Only time will tell if the dream will be achievable, especially for this year with the Cardiff PPV on the calendar. Even though McIntyre wants to win the European Championship, that doesn't mean it has to be around forever.

The Scottish Warrior went so far as to say he'd retire the championship again after winning it to ensure that there aren't too many titles on WWE programming.