WWE continues its battle with an independent federation

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WWE continues its battle with an independent federation

WWE throughout its years has been called upon before the judges of various American courts several times, from the case against the WWF, the animal protection agency, which even cost the WWE its name. the lawsuit filed against the Stamford-based company by a large group of former athletes, who claimed that working for the McMahons had led them to have head problems, related to the various concussions they had during their career.

It was only a matter of time, therefore, before the umpteenth defamatory accusation arrived for the Stamford-based federation, which this time instead is accused of something even more subtle and orchestrated, or of impropriety and business interference, from another company.

of American pro-wrestling, however very well known in the industry: MLW. In recent months, starting from January, the CEO of MLW, Court Bauer, had in fact started accusing WWE of a violation of the American antitrust law on business matters, with WWE that according to the CEO of MLW would have carried out behaviors incorrect against his company, even if he could not add more, due to the legal proceedings carried out.

WWE has some problems

Booker T is one of the most decorated superstars in wrestling, and two Hall of Fame inductions (individually and as a part of Harlem Heat) put him in elite territory. There have been calls to remove an ex-superstar from the WWE Hall of Fame, and the six-time world champion doesn't agree with the decision to do so.

Recently speaking to the microphones of Wrestling Inc Podcast, Court Bauer wanted to declare, always remaining vague: "Of course, it probably wouldn't be strategically wise to sow the seeds here and now. I am not trying to fool you, but all I can say and share is that we have exceptional and irrefutable evidence of illicit interference.

And as the legal process goes on, the public will see all of this evidence. It will all come out and it will be very overwhelming." Once again, it seems that there is serious trouble on the horizon for the WWE team of lawyers, who in the coming months or even years, will also have to fight against these other problems, including the many of its recent and past history.

When evidence emerged of Hulk Hogan's controversial comments, WWE didn't hesitate to remove him from the Hall of Fame. It was only after the controversy simmered down that he was eventually reinstated.