Matt Hardy comments on Cody Rhodes ’decision to return to the WWE

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Matt Hardy comments on Cody Rhodes ’decision to return to the WWE

The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy always brings us interesting topics. Hardy decided to talk about Cody Rhodes ’return to the WWE. “I loved Cody’s return at WrestleMania, I thought it was executed perfectly and I thought they had an amazing match,” Hardy said, as quoted by motorsport.

“I’m very happy for Cody. Once again it’s one of those things where I feel like in wrestling you work with people and switch and you’re in different companies but once you’re with someone, they can be gone away for three years, five years, or whatever and once you work with them again it’s just the same.

“I’m sure there was a lot of that when he stepped back in the WWE dressing room when he worked with Seth Rollins. I loved the presentation and I’m so glad they kept the version of Cody that we got in AEW because I think that’s where he found that version of success and for that version to show up it’s a great statement that Vince and the powers at be got this is why he’s over and let’s keep him like this and let him keep doing his jam”.

Hardy on Rhodes

Matt Hardy also commented on Rhodes' decisions and goal to become a world champion. “I don’t know if that was him just trying to be unselfish because of the position he was in as an EVP where he was part of management,” Hardy said.

“I do agree, he’s such a big player in pro wrestling and you don’t want to take yourself off the table like that because it really limits what you can do from storytelling”.
“Especially with the backstory of his dad never winning the title and that’s what he set as his goal, his destiny to win the title his dad never did,” Hardy said. “That’s a great story too”.