Jeff Hardy on his first meeting with Tony Khan: I didn’t know he owned AEW

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Jeff Hardy on his first meeting with Tony Khan: I didn’t know he owned AEW

Jeff Hardy was a guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he spoke about The Hardy Boyz. Some believe that the final end is soon, but it seems that Jeff and Mat will be on TV for a long time “Well, it’s like the unknown,” he said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“We say that, but it might not be correct, we could last forever. I mean, until we are 75 or something, who knows? The idea right now, because we are older, we are beat up, but the idea of a final run is very good”.

Jeff Hardy on his meeting with Khan

Jeff Hardy also talked about his first meeting with Tony Khan. It is possible that Khan impressed him at the time, which was one of the reasons he continued his career at AEW. “We never talked, at all,” he said on the build to his debut.

“I met Tony Khan for the first time at Ric Flair’s anniversary party with Wendy. But then he said, ‘I own this company called AEW,’ I said, ‘what?!’. We had such a good time over that weekend, I love Ric Flair like crazy.

Because of Ric, I met Tony early on, but before the 90-day we didn’t talk at all. He described in an interesting way how his engagement actually came about and what it all looked like. “That is what was so crazy about my arrival in AEW, I didn’t know anything until 6 am that morning, I think.

My wife found my phone, and said, ‘okay, you’re leaving at so-and-so time,’ you know, to get there? Because that’s when my 90-days was up. Then the spoiler alert, because I did a music show and some guy reported me saying, ‘yeah, I am going to AEW.’ I totally said, ‘I am going to AEW,’ but of course, I am going to AEW”.