Jim Cornette discusses Ronda Rousey's status

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Jim Cornette discusses Ronda Rousey's status
Jim Cornette discusses Ronda Rousey's status (Provided by Wrestling World)

Ronda Rousey signed her first WWE deal in January 2018, before officially making her debut on April 8 following at WrestleMania 34. In the biggest event of the year, the Riverside star defeated Stephanie McMahon and Triple H in paired with the legendary Kurt Angle.

On August 19th, at SummerSlam, she won the Raw Women's Championship and kept it for 232 days. After nearly three years of inactivity, Ronda returned on January 29, 2022, surprisingly winning the women's Royal Rumble match (eliminating Charlotte Flair last).

At WrestleMania 38, Rousey was defeated by Charlotte in an unclean manner and in the next episode of SmackDown she asked to be able to challenge her again at WrestleMania Backlash. 'Rowdy' perseverance was rewarded with a beautiful victory in the latest pay-per-view organized by WWE.

In the latest edition of the 'Drive Thru' podcast, Jim Cornette analyzed the prospects for Ronda in detail.

Jim Cornette reflects on Ronda Rousey

“It won't be easy for WWE to manage Ronda Rousey in the coming months.

After her victory against Charlotte Flair, everyone knows that Ronda is a world-class superstar. I do not see in her roster an opponent who can legitimately worry her at this moment" - explained Jim Cornette. “The next three months will be decisive in understanding her fate.

Vince McMahon’s company could take some time to wait for Charlotte Flair’s return, but she’s not exactly around the corner. I think Rousey won't play many matches in the next few weeks ”- he added. Guest in the latest edition of the 'Wives of Wrestling' podcast, Ronda spent beautiful words for her mentor Kurt Angle: "When I took my first steps in the world of wrestling, I didn't think I would be able to get into the ring and compete in a decent match.

It was all very complicated and I didn't think I would be successful in singles. I was convinced that I was going to become a supporting character without big individual ambitions, but things turned out differently. Kurt Angle's help was crucial, I would never have done it without him." During her latest Facebook gaming stream, Ronda Rousey joked that she'd stay in WWE until she and her husband Travis Browne were ready to have another child.

The couple welcomed their first daughter, La'akea Makalapuaokalanipō, in September last year. "Yes, I am staying [in WWE after WrestleMania 38]. I’ll be staying for a while. I just had a baby. I’m not ready to have another one yet so, I’ll be staying around ‘till we’re ready for number two, or four," said Rousey.

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