New details on Clash at the Castle

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New details on Clash at the Castle

Starting from Tuesday 17 May it will be possible to buy the Travel Packages regarding the European PPV Clash at the Castle on the WWE official website. This is a real return in PPV of the federation in Europe and it will do so through the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, the same that hosts the Wales rugby team, known last March 19th for the achievement of our national team in the Six Nations.

2022. Speaking of stadiums, the contractual situation of Roman Reigns immediately comes to mind which, as already reported on our website, has definitely changed in the last few hours. In addition to avoiding various secondary live events, Roman's on-screen calendar will be significantly reduced and will appear only and exclusively for important calls, such as weekly shows in historic buildings or in PPV in large arenas/stadiums.

Obviously, precisely, for this reason, his presence in Hell in a Cell is to be forgotten, in fact, his name no longer appears in the list advertised on, nor in the advertising poster, changed than previously shown.

The latest news on Clash at the Castle

On the contrary, the “Tribal Chief” and undisputed champion of the company, actively appears in the poster celebrating Clash at the Castle. Together with him, on the left, with much larger dimensions, the two-time WWE Champion, winner of the Royal Rumble 2020 and of the double main event seen in the 36th edition of WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre.

A poster that has already started the first rumors on the various sites and the first reflections from the fans. Being a European PPV and Drew McIntyre of Scottish nationality, it is easy to think of the possibility of attending to all intents and purposes the main event valid for the undisputed WWE title and starring the WWE "Head of the Table" and "The Scottish Warrior"

The two actually have an open chapter since 2019 when the first fight at WrestleMania 35 was staged, and won by Roman. Then another one on one will follow during an episode of Monday Night RAW and won again by the member of the Bloodline, to then arrive at the last clash between the two dated Survivor Series 2020, Universal Champion vs WWE Champion and even then to triumph was "The Head of the Table."

Could this be the right time in which Drew will be able to overcome his arch-rival and once and for all dethrone a kingdom that has now lived for almost two consecutive years? Waiting for answers, we leave you with the official poster of Clash at the Castle 2022.