*Spoiler* Madcap Moss was taken away on a stretcher

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*Spoiler* Madcap Moss was taken away on a stretcher
*Spoiler* Madcap Moss was taken away on a stretcher

In recent weeks we have seen a lot of feuds between Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin, with the two former allies trying in every possible way to take out Drew McIntyre, even taking him to the rings of Wrestlemania 38, which eventually began a feud between them, given the constant teasing of Moss, which has sent his now-former friend on a rampage.

After seeing the first signs of failure of the team, in one of the last episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, Corbin wanted to attack Moss in one of his segments of the Happy Talk, with the two that have thus disbanded and started a real rivalry.

and own, which then led to the turn face of Madcap Moss. This Friday, however, Happy Corbin has seen fit to launch his latest offensive, going to attack his opponent with the famous trophy dedicated to the late WWE Hall of Famer, André the Giant, won in the special match staged at Smackdown shortly before the Showcase of the Immortals.

Madcap Moss got hurt

During the episode of the blue show that aired this week, Madcap Moss made a promo in which he talked about his aspirations in WWE, with the athlete who, speaking of wanting to win the Money in the Bank in the homonymous ppv, was seen but attacking from Happy Corbin's back with a steel chair in hand, with the face on duty that has undergone several sessions all over his body, until he had to collapse to the ground.

Even at this point, however, Happy Corbin did not let go, continuing to attack his opponent visibly, always with the chair. In the end, to put an end to his deadly fury, Happy Corbin even slipped the chair around Moss's neck, throwing over him the trophy dedicated to André The Giant, the one won a few weeks ago by Moss and then stolen by Corbin.

Immediately after this brutal attack, Moss was surrounded by WWE officials and taken away on a stretcher before being loaded into an ambulance. Usually, when we see such attacks, it is because WWE has to oust its athlete for a few weeks, if not a few months, to hide a real injury, or to increase the hype in the feud that is taking place.

WWE may be planning a face turn for Madcap Moss shortly. This could coincide with Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss splitting up as per the latest reports from Wrestling News. Madcap Moss has been a prominent feature of the blue brand.

He was drafted to SmackDown alongside Happy Corbin during the 2021 WWE Draft. The wisecracking superstar is currently involved in a bitter feud with former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

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