Rikishi Speaks About His Favorite Wrestlers

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Rikishi Speaks About His Favorite Wrestlers

Even though Rikishi could never be as famous as John Cena, he was still considered one of the most influential wrestlers of his time. He has a very unique move set which made him extremely memorable. On Brandon Robinson of Bally Sports, Rikishi spoke about what he believes should be on his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestlers.

“I definitely have the ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia up there. I see The Undertaker up there. I see my uncle Afa Sika up there and Ric Flair,” Rikishi named. “And the reason why is that there’s a lot of other wrestlers that deserve to be there, but when you look at those that I picked there they all have a special unique way of leaving a legacy to be able to teach the younger generation coming up.

They have the access of the younger generation to google and to do their homework on each of these gentlemen, icons, and WWE Hall of Famers to be able to learn a thing or two from each person that I just named. And you talk about strength, you talk about expertise, you talk about talent, you talk about culture, you talk about faith… all in one on that Mount Rushmore with those guys that I just mentioned”.

Rikishi Names the Wrestlers He Wants on His Mount Rushmore

Rikishi then spoke about a legendary Hall of Famer, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. Randy could also not reach the top of the WWE, but he was a very well respected Intercontinental Champion.

Rikishi had nothing but praise for him. “He was a brother. Randy was ALWAYS cool with the Samoans. He was good friends with my uncle Afa and Sika back in the day and when we came into the picture we got that same love and respect that he showed my uncles.

He showed it to me and my cousin Sammy [Fatu] and we were honored to be underneath that locker room to learn some advice and so forth from Macho Man; he was charismatic… he was one the most – I mean, during this time and back in the day one of the MOST remembered icons in the industry.

And so we would just sponge up underneath that. He was just a good dude. He loved us, he loved our entire family and vice-versa”.