Big E reappears in public with orthopedic collar

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Big E reappears in public with orthopedic collar

On March 11, 2022, Big E suffered a neck injury during the Friday Night SmackDown, caused by a Suplex gone bad, applied by Ridge Holland outside the ring, which landed the New Day member right on his head. In the bad fall, Big E remedied not one but two cervical fractures to his spine, damaging the C1 and C6, without however remedying a displaced fracture, but a clear break in the vertebrae that support the weight of the head and the neck.

Obviously, now, Big E still has several months of rest ahead of him before he can return to fight in the WWE rings, provided that the athlete's body's completely healed, with some concerns that still remain vivid in this situation, such as the C1 fracture, which does not seem to heal as it should, leaving the possibility that the wrestler has to undergo a surgical operation to fuse two vertebrae together.

New details on Big E

Despite being out of the WWE scene and despite being stopped from activity, Big E could easily go around the United States using the orthopedic collar that supports his neck, to allow his vertebrae to fuse properly.

Until now, the athlete had always stayed at home or in any case had no longer taken part in public commitments, to devote himself entirely to rest and to his home life. In the last few hours, however, Big E wanted to have some fun, appearing in some shots then posted by the same athlete on his Instagram account, with Big E who met with the American director and actor Marlon Wayans, at the Seminole Hard Rock Event Center in Tampa, where he also received a very rich meal.

Obviously, Big E has never taken off the orthopedic collar he has worn for weeks, to avoid the worsening of his situation, but he has nevertheless spent a few hours different from usual, not thinking about his terrible injury, which could have disrupted his career, if not his life, in a very simple angle gone wrong.

Speaking to KFOX 14, Kingston spoke about his brother in arms, Big E, and provided an injury update: “Because he is so strong and thick, his body was able to hold things together. He didn’t need any surgery,” Kofi Kingston said.

“We were just thankful that the injury wasn’t a lot worse than it was. As bad as it was, it could have been a lot worse”.