Killer Kross Speaks About the Gladiator Given

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Killer Kross Speaks About the Gladiator Given

Killer Kross is a former WWE wrestler and he spoke about his Gladiator gimmick that WWE gave to him. Kross was a very popular wrestler even before he joined the WWE. After leaving Impact Wrestling. Kross joined the WWE with his girlfriend.

However, WWE didn’t really use him as well as many people though they would. On Wrestling Inc. Daily, Kross stated that the Gladiator gimmick may have worked for someone else.

Killer Kross States that the Gladiator Gimmick Could Have Worked for Someone Else

“That would have been a great character for somebody else that didn’t have a character that was already previously carved out,” he said.

“So, when I looked at it, and assessed it, I thought, ‘maybe they want to make Halloween costumes.’ Going back to monetizing stuff, ‘they’re just overlooking, they want to put a fresh coat of paint on it because it’s going up.’ I entertained it as best I could, and then when October rolled around, and there’s no Halloween costume, I said, ‘okay, well this could be problematic.’” His girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux then spoke about the timing of their WWE run.

According to her, they were very lucky as due to the pandemic, they were not doing well financially. “We are very proud of everything we did,” she said. “It’s funny that you say we were a product of bad timing because the entire time we were there during COVID.

We were looking at each other saying how lucky we were with the timing of us getting signed. The fact that the pandemic hit, because if we had been on the independents, we would have been screwed. “Because I was still working as a server in the nightclubs to supplement my income on the indies.

I wasn’t completely financially set, so the nightclubs shut down. There wouldn’t have been independent shows, I don’t know what we would have done, honestly”. Killer Kross recently competed at New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He stated that it was extremely different for him. He knew that the experience would be very different even before he joined NJPW. “I am enjoying what I am doing with New Japan, although it’s not the sort of television presentation with the theatricality that you might see in Western programming.

I know that if I am going and doing anything with New Japan, this is going to be very strictly pro wrestling based,” he said. “So, the presentation of the character is going to be dialed back and is going to be more of what is going on in the ring. What I am doing there I am very well aware I would not be doing presentation-wise in Western programming”.