Brian And Scott Armstrong Talk about Brad Armstrong

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Brian And Scott Armstrong Talk about Brad Armstrong

Brian Armstrong, better known as Road Dogg, and Scott Armstrong recently spoke about their brother, Brad Armstrong on the podcast Oh…..You Didn’t Know? Brian and Scott were working as WWE producers backstage before they were released.

Brian was actually part of Degeneration X at one time. He revealed that many people in the company did not know that Brian and Scott are brothers.

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“I had people at NXT just not long ago go, ‘wait, you and Road Dogg are brothers?’ Scott said.

“Welcome to 2022”. Scott and Brian were released in January 2022 by the WWE. According to the brother, Brian was the best wrestler in the family. This was also during the time the Armstrong family criticized Brain for his braids.

He used that look when he became part of Degeneration X. “It’s not even a question and there’s no shame in admitting you’re not as good as Brad Armstrong,” Road Dogg said. “Like the legendary Ric Flair said, top five, maybe top three”.

Scott then revealed the details about Brian joining the WWE after leaving WCW during the Monday Night Wars. “All of a sudden, we’re at our parent’s house and Brian had come walking in and he had got the braids put in, and back then that didn’t happen,” Scott said.

“He walked in and me, Steve, and Brad we laughed hysterically and Brian got so pissed off, he just went and got in his car and left with a bunch of expletives towards the brothers. We laughed and then we get to WCW TV and he’s our partner.

We’re messing with him so bad because of those braids and then next thing you know a few days go by and JJ Dillon calls him and says ‘Are you ready to come to work for the WWF’ And I’ll never forget this line, Brian told him ‘You know what they’ve done to me here on TV for the last year or so…’ And [JJ said] ‘what they’ve done to you in the last year, we can change in 30 seconds,’ and the rest is history”.

Road Dogg is currently a WWE Hall of Famer, as he entered the WWE Hall of Fame with Degeneration X in 2019. He entered with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Chyna and Billy Gunn. According to Brain, the New Age Outlaws will not enter the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I don’t think we ever will because the wrestling, not the fans, the wrestling powers that be doesn’t look at our family like that,” Brian Armstrong said. “I really believe that with all my heart.

I think they overlook us and we don’t get the credit we get. Again, that’s not from the fans, the fans in the Southeast will fight you over some Bob Armstrong stuff. I just don’t feel like me and Billy [Gunn] will get it either on our own.

It’s definitely some politics going into it and I just don’t know that our family is going to be brought up in that conversation. I think we should but I don’t think we will”.